Friday, June 30, 2006

Nightfall or Swapnadosh: The reality of a much-hyped sexual problem in Indian and Pakistan

Nocturnal emissions (Swapnadosh)

This is not a serious ailment but hangs on the mind of youths in the Indian sub-continent.

Due to psychological reasons youth feel they get tired early and feel loss of energy due to the seminal emission at night.

Some tips:

1. The condition improves if the powder of 'jamun' fruit is taken (4 gm) twice daily with water or milk.

2. Two bananas everyday followed by lukewarm milk would also help a lot in the 'ailment'. Do this for three months. Before going to sleep wash your feet. In common parlance in India, youth call it night fall.

You can also take some Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic or Unani branded medicine but that will just be for your own mental satisfaction. Else, the best option is to go to a qualified sexologist or even a proper physician rather than risking your health by going to street quacks who advertise more and harm more because of their lack of knowledge.

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