Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Polyuria: Excessive urination, urge to urinate frequently.

Avoid tea to check polyuria
This disorder is caused because of different factors. Due to diabetes, old age or swelling of kidneys, anxiety and other causes. However, Polyuria [Bahumutrata in Hindi] is curable.

1. Take a teaspoon of turmeric powder twice a day (Morning and Evening) with cold water. It keeps a check on frequent urination.

2. Grapes: If you take grapes regularly then excessive urination will be curbed. Take 100 gm grapes in the morning and evening daily.

3. Eat apples. It will surely help the patient.

4. Most important is to reduce your daily intake of tea. If possible, just shun the habit. A theic (tea-addict) always suffers from this problem.

5. Til has wonderful properties and serves as a great healer for a patient of polyuria. In Urdu and Hindustani 'Til', in English 'sesame'. Til ke laddoo are a wonderful remedy.

All natural products, fruits, vegetables have properties to contain and cure ailments. We will keep sharing them with you but the onus is on you. Ask us. Write to us and send us feedback about our remedies. Keep asking, we will surely tell you whatever we know from the Unani, Ayurvedic and Natural medicines' treasure.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tips for Fair Skin: How to improve complexion, get a glow on your face?

Treatment for dark skin [for fair skin] through Ayurvedic, herbal and natural methods:

1. Rub your face with milk, after it dries, rub face with salt. The dirt will come out. Now put the mixture of lemon and honey on the face and after it dries down, wash with lukewarm water.

2. Make a paste of 'Jau ka ata', lemon, curd, rose water and apply once a week as face pack. Especially good for oily skin.

3. Mix lemon and tomato juice in equal quantity and apply on face. After 30 minutes wash the face.

4. One of the best methods for fair skin and lightening the complexion is to add half teaspoon of lemon juice in two big spoons of cucumber juice with a little turmeric. Apply it on the face. Wash the face after 30 minutes. The complexion will be fair. Do it at least once a week.

5. For dark circles under the eye, cut potato in two parts and place under the eye, lie down on the bed for 15 minutes. You can also rub the potato under the eyes lightly.

6. Avoid harsh sun rays. While going out use sunscreen.

In Indian sub-continent fairness is a dream for most people. For girls it is an even bigger problem as 'gora rang' is a criterion in selection of bride.

Though more than colour and complexion, it is the texture and the smoothness of skin that should matter but unfortunately the fairness is cherished. Above mentioned tips can possibly help you in improving your complexion.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Male Impotence (Impotency): Treatment and cure of Sexual Weakness*

Don't trust roadside Quacks to become He Man
Impotence can be caused due to several reasons. It has psychological, physical and mental causes. General debility, excessive liquor consumption, drugs, constipation, diabetes, smoking, addiction to alcohol are some of the reasons for impotence in men.

The herbal, ayurveda, unani and traditional ways to restore sexual vigour and vitality are as follows:
(Stop smoking altogether if suffering from impotence)

1. Juice of white onion, honey, ginger juice, desi ghi--each 6 gm--should be mixed and taken daily for a month.

2. Pine (Chilghoza) should be eaten regularly. Take 10-15 daily. It will work wonders. Else, carrot juice (Urdu: Gajar) should be taken daily. Carrot is an excellent remedy.

3. Dry dates (chhuara) keeps a check on premature ejaculation. It cures impotence. Should be taken along with milk. Besides, coconut is excellent cure for weaknessac. Also, pistachio (Pista) is good and should be taken regularly.

4. Another remedy is Garlic. Fry 50 grammes garlic (Urdu/Hindi: Lahsun) in desi ghee (ghi) and eat daily. It will cure impotence and sexual weakness. For one month it should be regularly taken.

Some other tips and treatments for impotence

1. Take ripe anjeer fruit (fig) daily before breakfast.

2. The seeds of Kala Dhatoora should be dried indoors. Then grind them and mix with honey. Make small globules of the size of Urad daal (pulse). Take a small tablet both in morning and evening with milk.

3. Take Camphor (Kapoor/Kafur) and mix it with Gulaab Itr (attar). One hour before intercourse apply it on the penis. This will prolong intercourse. (Aromatherpay-Ayurveda)


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*Napunsakta in Hindi
Zauf-e-baah in Urdu/Arabic
Gupt Rog [Yaun Rog] is a word used in India for ailments that affect sexual health.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Diabetes Cure, Management and Treatment-Part II: Natural and Herbal medicines

Following are the several ways of ancient Indian vaidyas/hakeems' remedies for curing diabetes.

1. Take the leaves of Jamun tree (30 grammes) along with 5 black pepper, mix them and make a powder. Take with water twice everyday.

2. Take ripe guavas and place them in the warm ashes of Kande/Uple. Later take the guavas with zeera, black pepper and black salat.

3. Take dry amla and saunf (aniseed), grind in equal quantity and take the mixture twice in the morning and evening (1 tea spoon twice).

4. After breakfast take juice of fresh Bitter Gourd (Karela) in 20-30 grammes.

5. If diabetes is in the family and the patient is very obese, 10 leaves of sweet Neem should be chewed in the morning before breakfast for four months continuously.

6. Take half teaspoon zeera twice daily after grinding it.

7. Mixture of Four spoon amla juice and four spoon Karela (Bitter Gourd) juice daily in the morning before breakfast.

8. Tomatos should be given to patient or in the form of juice as it contains sugar. Shaljam/ Shalgam in the form of vegetable in the meals.

9. The Chakotra fruit should be eaten daily. 3-4 Chakotras a day is advised.

10. Take 50 grammes roasted groundnut every day it will have high nutrition value and would not affect the body.

Nature's Cures will keep bringing the remedies, natural medicines, herbs, Unani, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and other ways of treatment.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Curing Diabetes: Treatment [Ayurvedic, Herbal and Natural]

Karela: For 
What is Diabetes: For a layman diabetes is the disorder in which sugar comes out through urine. Often people do not get to know that they are suffering from this ailment until it is quite late. Earlier, middle-aged men experienced it but now even youths and kids are suffering from it.

Symptoms: Excessive thirst, frequent urination, constipation for long periods, dealy in healing of wounds, anxiety, headache, weakness etc

Medication, Cure and Treatment

1. Karela/Bitter Gourd: 15 grammes of juice of bitter gourd mixed in 100 grammes of water and taken thrice a day can cure the disease. This should be done for three months. Or the powder of bitter gourds that are dried indoors could be taken once in 6 grammes every day. Use of bitter gourd as vegetable in meals is also advisable.

2. Cut the stalk (top conical part/danthal in Urdu, Hindi) of the ladies finger (bhindi) and dry it indoors (not in sunlight). Crush them and add misri (sugar candy) in equal quantity and take half spoon every morning along with normal water before your breakfast. The ailment would be cured.

3. Methi (Fenugreek): This is a wonderful gift of nature. The regular consumption of fenugreek seeds cures diabetes. Before your meals (15 minutes before) take 25 -100 grammes of fenugreek seeds and it can reduce your sugar by a whopping 65%. It also reduces cholestrol.

If fenugreek seds are taken in food also like in chutney/pickle/curry, it can lead to spectacular results. But caution: It will take around two weeks before methi will start showing results.

4. Put 60 grammes of feugreek seeds in a glass full of water. After 12 hrs filter it and drink the water, Do it twice--in the morning and evening for six weeks and then see the results.

5. Aurvedacharyas (the ayurvedic practioners) say that if you just take 'besan/chana ki roti' for ten days, sugar will stop.

6. Jamun Fruit has tremendous properties to cure sugar/ madhumeh/diabetes. Also known as Indian blackberry, this purple fruit, can cure the diabetics. The seed of Jamun should be crushed and and half teaspoon along with water in the evening will stop sugar.

Or take the powder of Jamun seed and bitter gourd together mixed and the powder taken daily one tea spoon both morning and evening can surely work wonders.

7. For excessive urination: You can take haldi churan (turmeric powder) twice in a day (8 grammes twice). This will surely help.

For Diabetics:

Take a 40 minute walk daily, either in the morning or in the evening before your dinner. Honey, date fruit, mango can be taken in place of other sweets. Mango and Jamun juice mixture taken consistently could treat the diabetic and cure the disease.

The carrot juice, radish juice, shaljam and amla are other fruits that improve the condition of the patient. Besides, if excessive thirst then take lemon water. Curd is good. Avoid watching television for long hours. Coconut, groundnut, kaju, soyabean, akhrot, narangi, mooli are all good for diabetics.

[To be continued...]

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Natures Cures: Website focuses on herbal remedies to cure diseases, ailments

For millenniums the vaidyas and hakeems did painstaking effort to find cures for all kinds of illnesses and ailments under the sun.

These healers served all--from ordinary folk to kings. Surely the effects of herbs, vegetables and nature's bounty are astonishing. Until the advent of Allopathy these medicines served well.

Countless people with little access to modern system of medication still get cured with these herbs. The 'dadi maan ke totke/nuskhe' or granny's home remedies are no less insignificant.

The results of thousands of years of research are lying with us but sadly lack of standardisation and official backing has led to the situation where precious knowledge is lost.

Our effort is to bring these cures to you. Also, we will share our knowledge of Unani, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicines with you. Go and Check the links on this site and improve your health without side affects. 

Clarification: The nature's cures blog just aims to make public this vast nature's bounty that can treat people without side-effects. But these remedies are no substitute to the medical treatment and you should take advice from your doctor.

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