Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kidney Stone Treatment: Herbal and Natural ways to get rid of stone

The stone in kidney [termed pathri in Urdu] is formed due to excessive consumption of oxalate, calcium, phosphate et al. 

The patient should avoid milk. Person suffering from this ailment feels terrible pain in kidney and stomach. Also, urine comes out painfully. 

The pain is called Renal Colic. Coconut: Consumption of Coconut Water [Nariyal Pani] can help you rid of the stone.

Bitter Gourd: Drinking the juice of two bitter gourds every day breaks the stone and it finally dissolves. Try to eat bitter gourd in the form of vegetable also in the meals.

Zeera (Cumin): Mix 'zeera' and sugar in same quantity and then crush them together. Take thrice daily with a spoonful of water.

Jamun {Indian berries), Chhuwara (Chhuara) ie dried date fruit, Kharbuza [water melon] are all quite beneficial for people suffering from the problem of stone. Eat Kharbooza fruit regularly and the stone is likely to get out easily.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Preventing ailments of the heart: More dry fruits, less salt & regular exercise

If you cut down on your daily intake of salt [or sodium] than it reduces the risk of heart diseases. It will lessen the risk of heart attack/cardiac arrest.

One should stay away from liquor. It will be another good move if you want to avoid heart disease. Weight should be cut down and regular exercise is a good idea.

Almonds should be eaten every alternate day. Consumption of a few walnuts is also advisable. In fact, the consumption of dry fruits reduces the risk to heart. 

Pistachio, Cashewnuts i.e. Kaju should be eaten regularly. They make the heart strong. As goes the famous Urdu saying that Badaam aur Akhrot se dil ke marz ka khatra kaam hota hai.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Treatment of Grey Hair: How to turn your hair black again?

Apply onion juice for blackening of hair

1. Take Half-cup Curd and mix ten crushed black pepper, now put juice of a lemon and mix it. Apply on hair and let it dry for 20 minutes. Then wash the hair. This is a tested method that will turn your hair soft and dark black.

2. Eat fenugreek (methi) and use it in oil.

3. Massage your scalp with lemon juice. It stops greying of hair. Besides, rubbing dried amla soaked in lemon juice also helps.

4. Use of Til (Sesame) in food on a regular basis checks hair fall and grey hair.

5. If grey hair is caused because the person perenially suffers from common cold (Nazla/Zukam) then Black Pepper (Kaali Mirch/Siyah Mirch) would surely work wonders. Chew befor breakfast and in the evening before your meals.

6. Drinking carrot juice daily keeps hair healthy and strong.

7. Avoid getting angry. Tension and anger cause premature grey hair and continuous tension aggravates the situation.

8. Eat 'ghi' and massage it on your head.

9. Crush onion and apply the liquid on hair. The new hair would grow black.

[In Urdu or Hindi: Bal jaldi safed hona ek aisi beemari hai jo fikr aur pareshaniyon ki wajah se hoti hai. Grey (White) hair caused generally due to tension and anger]

Home remedies and tips to cure & treat diabetes

More tips about diabetes' treatment

Already on this blog we have given lot of tips on diabetes treatment. Two more which I know I am mentioning.

*Mix mango and jamun juice in equal quantity and drink regularly for a longtime. It helps in containing and curing the ailment

*Put some black gram (Kala chana) in milk for the whole night and eat them in the morning. Also, eat roti made of only 'chana' and 'jau', both in the lunch and dinner. Also, if you just eat chana roti (besan) regularly, the sugar is contained.