Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Treating obesity through natural remedies: How to lose weight?

Obesity [Fatness, overweight]

An obese or overweight person should first change his lifestyle. Do some physical exericse and avoid food that is rich in fat. Fruits, vegetables and salad should be taken in more quantity while sweets, ice cream and fried food should be avoided.

1. Grind the radish seeds. The powder (1 teaspoon) should be taken along with 4 teasoons of honey daily followed by a glass of water that should have four spoons of honey and lemon.

2. Triphala should be taken in 10 grams along with four spoons of honey. Follow it up with a glass of water with four spoons of honey again.

Fatness or Motapa (Urdu) or Sthool-kaya (Hindi) is a major problem in tropical countries also. It can be either due to hereditary reasons or lack of exercise/sedantry lifestyle and intake of food rich in fat.

One needs to exercise. Don't overdo yourself. Start with 10-15 minutes daily and then take it to 45 minutes. Tomatoes, carrot, papaya should be taken by obese people at the start of the meals.