Friday, March 17, 2006

Curing Diabetes: Treatment [Ayurvedic, Herbal and Natural]

Karela: For 
What is Diabetes: For a layman diabetes is the disorder in which sugar comes out through urine. Often people do not get to know that they are suffering from this ailment until it is quite late. Earlier, middle-aged men experienced it but now even youths and kids are suffering from it.

Symptoms: Excessive thirst, frequent urination, constipation for long periods, dealy in healing of wounds, anxiety, headache, weakness etc

Medication, Cure and Treatment

1. Karela/Bitter Gourd: 15 grammes of juice of bitter gourd mixed in 100 grammes of water and taken thrice a day can cure the disease. This should be done for three months. Or the powder of bitter gourds that are dried indoors could be taken once in 6 grammes every day. Use of bitter gourd as vegetable in meals is also advisable.

2. Cut the stalk (top conical part/danthal in Urdu, Hindi) of the ladies finger (bhindi) and dry it indoors (not in sunlight). Crush them and add misri (sugar candy) in equal quantity and take half spoon every morning along with normal water before your breakfast. The ailment would be cured.

3. Methi (Fenugreek): This is a wonderful gift of nature. The regular consumption of fenugreek seeds cures diabetes. Before your meals (15 minutes before) take 25 -100 grammes of fenugreek seeds and it can reduce your sugar by a whopping 65%. It also reduces cholestrol.

If fenugreek seds are taken in food also like in chutney/pickle/curry, it can lead to spectacular results. But caution: It will take around two weeks before methi will start showing results.

4. Put 60 grammes of feugreek seeds in a glass full of water. After 12 hrs filter it and drink the water, Do it twice--in the morning and evening for six weeks and then see the results.

5. Aurvedacharyas (the ayurvedic practioners) say that if you just take 'besan/chana ki roti' for ten days, sugar will stop.

6. Jamun Fruit has tremendous properties to cure sugar/ madhumeh/diabetes. Also known as Indian blackberry, this purple fruit, can cure the diabetics. The seed of Jamun should be crushed and and half teaspoon along with water in the evening will stop sugar.

Or take the powder of Jamun seed and bitter gourd together mixed and the powder taken daily one tea spoon both morning and evening can surely work wonders.

7. For excessive urination: You can take haldi churan (turmeric powder) twice in a day (8 grammes twice). This will surely help.

For Diabetics:

Take a 40 minute walk daily, either in the morning or in the evening before your dinner. Honey, date fruit, mango can be taken in place of other sweets. Mango and Jamun juice mixture taken consistently could treat the diabetic and cure the disease.

The carrot juice, radish juice, shaljam and amla are other fruits that improve the condition of the patient. Besides, if excessive thirst then take lemon water. Curd is good. Avoid watching television for long hours. Coconut, groundnut, kaju, soyabean, akhrot, narangi, mooli are all good for diabetics.

[To be continued...]