Monday, August 27, 2012

Natural treatment for headache: How to get rid of migraine?

Migraine causes terrible pain. It is a genetic disorder. The pain is in a part of the head.

You can see bright colours and also feel like vomiting. Often the pain is unbearable.

We have compiled certain tips. But first a clarification. These are home remedies to lessen the pain but no substitute for drugs. These are a few tips to tackle migraine.

One must consult a doctor and also ensure proper discipline in lifestyle.

*Mix vinegar and water in equal parts and boil them. Inhale the fumes for at least five minutes. Then repeat the process if needed. In several patients, it reduces severity of attack.

*Lemon coffee helps lot of patients. Make strong cup of coffee. Then add one tablespoon lemon juice in it. This may reduce the pain.

*What works for a person may not be as effective for the other. However, using hair dryer is also one of the ways. On medium setting, it can be turned on and used on portion of head where one is feeling the pain, for relief.

*Massage also helps reduce the pain. Some find relief with use of ice. Sleeping in dark room brings succour. But consulting the medical practitioner is a must. Pain killers should be taken along with the above mentioned methods.

*Take lemon peel. Crush it well and  then use it to rub on the head.

What precautions are needed to stop migraine

Avoid packaged eatables and junk food, because they contain certain elements that increase the pain. Also, avoid taking cheese, chocolate, noodles, banana, paneer and certain nuts.

Lack of adequate sleep exacerbates the situation. One must drink water at regular intervals and not skip food, if he suffers from this particular form of strong pain. Slow breathing is also a technique used by some patients.

You can keep the medicines in your pocket or bag to control sudden and shooting pain. Homoeopathy also has certain medicines for migraine, that can be quite effective.


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