Monday, July 11, 2011

Treating epilepsy through herbal, natural remedies

Epilepsy* is an ailment that can be cured but the patient and his/her family members need to take certain precautions.

As far as natural and herbal ways of treatment are concerned, here are a few remedies:

1. Give onion juice (around 3 ounce) daily mixed with small quantity of water in the morning. It has to be given regularly for at least 40 days.

2. If the patient is given slight 'heeng' (Asafoetida) along with lemon to chew, it will be helpful to the epileptic. The patient shouldn't immediately gobble it up, rather let it in the mouth and chew slowly.

3. Bake garlic (light broiling) for a while in oil and administer it to the person suffering from epilepsy on a regular basis. 

4. Take 60 gms 'henna' (mehndi) juice along with 250 gm milk. It cures the condition as per ayurveda.

4. A wonderful remedy in Indian ayurvedic medicinal system is to boil pomegranate leaves (100 grammes) in 500 gramme water. When just a quarter water remains, filter it and add 60 gramme 'ghee' and an equal amount of sugar. Give it to patient twice in day, in the morning and in the evening. Mostly it works.

(*In Urdu and Hindustani, it is called Mirgi)