Friday, September 14, 2007

How to improve quality of semen: Use natural supplements like dates and pine fruit

Chilghoza or Pine Fruit is a nut that thickens semen
Impotence, Thin (watery) semen: How to thicken the fluid by natural ways?

It's an age-old issue but lack of information among youths make it seem like an incurable disease.

The reality is that herbal and natural supplements can be eaten to thicken your seminal discharge.

Rather than running after street quacks or non-qualified doctors, this issue can be solved through visit to a proper physician.

Else, there are natural ways, which we are telling you. A few tips:

*Those suffering from impotence or having thin semen should eat dry dates regularly. The dry dates (or chhuara) should be soaked in milk and then eaten regularly. It will bring an immense change.

* Chilgoza Pine has wonderful properties for male sexual system. Eat 10-15 Chilghoza pines each day.

*Black gram dal (Urad dal) soaked in water for about six hours and then fried in pure cow's 'ghee' after draining the water is a wonderful sex tonic. This should be used with wheat bread and honey for highly beneficial results in functional impotency, thinness of semen and also premature ejaculation.

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