Monday, September 17, 2007

Treating Leucoderma: Curing Vitiligo through herbal, natural way

Treatment of Leucoderma (Vitiligo): Herbal ways, age-old treatments and natural supplements

The paste of radish seeds works well in the skin condition. About 35-40 gms of these seeds should be powdered in vinegar and applied on white patches.

For better results the seeds should be finely pounded along with a pinch of arsenic poison and soaked in vinegar at night. After two hours leaves will appear. They should be rubbed on white patches. This is meant for external use only.

This skin ailment takes long time to cure. Though Homoeopathy is more effective in its treatment. Give up the use of salt for a few months and it will help. Though it is difficult but effective in treatment.

Take gram (chana daal) and roti made of chana (without salt). It can cure the disease.

Another treatment is to soak Urad dal in water, grind it and apply the paste for four months. It will definitely work. The daagh would change colours hopefully.

Don't take spices, mutton, fish, rice and chilly. Also, one can take 'chhachh' (butter milk) twice a day, it also helps. Walnut (Akhrot) is also helpful in the condition. The White patches (spots) also known as Safed Dagh is not a life threatening disease but the patient faces lot of social stigma.

It has nothing to do with leprosy (kodh, korh). In initial stages, treatment along with avoiding spices, salt etc can help check and remove the spread of disease.