Friday, September 14, 2007

Herbal ways to treat urinary disorders: Drumstick, Carrot, Cucumber...

For Urinary disorders

Drumstick tree has unique properties and this 'fruit' is extremely valuable in urinary disorders.

A tablespoonful of coagulated fresh leaf juice, when mixed with a glass of fresh juice of cucumber or carrot, is an effective cure for scanty urination and constant burning in urethra due to high acidity of urine.

A teaspoonful of juice with 10 m rocksalt taken once daily is used to treat excessive urination of non-diabetics.

The juice of banana stem is a well-known remedy for urinary disorders. It improves the functions of kidney and liver and thus brings relief in ailments and discomfort. It is also helpful in treating removal of stones in kidney, gall bladder and prostate. It can be mixed with juice of ash pumpkin also.