Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Poor eyesight: Natural remedies, herbal cure for weak eyes

Anwla or Amla has miraculous properties
Eyes are precious and one must not take any eye-related problem unattended. In the past, on this blog, we have posted 'nuskhe' or ways to improve the eyesight. 

Now a few more tips:

*In order to improve eye sight, the mixture of carrot and spinach juice should be taken.

The mixture should have 125 gms of carrot juice and as much spinach juice. Taken regularly, it will increase and strengthen eyesight.

*If there is sudden darkness in front of your eyes or a blackout, the juice of Amla mixed in water and taken for a week, will improve the condition. Amla is Indian gooseberry. (Alternative spellings are Aanwla, Aaonla)

*Take a glass of carrot juice in the evening for at least a month and this will surely strengthen your eyes. For ailments of eyes, see other posts on this blog as well.