Friday, October 05, 2007

Ginger: Natural cure for treatment of sexual weakness

The juice of ginger is considered an excellent remedy for sexual weakness.

It is advisable to take it with a half-boiled egg and honey, every day in the night for at least a month. It will help in strengthening the sexual system and cure premature ejaculation, impotence and spermatorrhoea [spermatatorrhea].

One needs to have mental strength and self-confidence for better results. Positive attitude is a must and one should avoid getting tensed over poor sexual performance. Rather, some exercise and a 30 minute walk every day would help you in overcoming the sexual debility.

In India, Ginger is also known as Adrak [Hindustani-Urdu term]. In the past also we have discussed other natural herbs and vegetables that are helpful in treating male impotence ie naamardi, dhatu/dhaatu rog or jiryan.