Monday, July 23, 2012

Knee Pain: Natural remedies, Herbal supplements to get rid of pain in knees

Pain in the knee joints was considered more an issue with elders but not anymore. These days the trouble begins quite early.

Knees support our entire body and hence it becomes extremely difficult to go about your daily activity in case you are suffering from the pain.

1. Herbal method is to eat as much 'kheera' (cucumber) as possible.

2. Increase the intake of garlic in yor food.

3. Take raw potato, crush it and apply it on knee joints. This is more beneficial in synovitis and swelling in the joints.

4. In Indian sub-continent, an effective method is taking 'moth'. Even pain that has been in the knees for years can be managed and cured. 'Moth' laddus that are made up of moth, sugar and 'ghee', should be taken, twice every day in the morning before taking any food. Avoid spices during the entire period.

Take moth, sugar and ghee in equal proportion. Then roast them in hot soil. Make a powder and then filter it. Put ghee in this flour and add sugar syrup to make 'laddoos'.

[Always keep in mind that these tips are for your well-being but one must not consider them as substitute to medication and exercise under the guidance of a qualified physician.]