Friday, July 13, 2012

Sure shot way to cure excessive flatulence and get rid of gases in the stomach

Get rid of gastric trouble by systematic fasts
If you have suffered enough due to gases that lead to continuous belching and headache apart from pain in other parts of the body due to acidity and the movement of gas, there is a solution.

Doctors won't tell you. In fact, if no amount of medication helps and when you are fed up of taking all sorts of 'churans' [herbal powders] or syrups, and still the digestive mechanism keeps you irritated and frustrated, there is a way out of it.

It's a big problem and only those who are suffering from continuous emission of gases know it. FAST. Yes, fasting can be miraculous. Just try it. The best way is have a light dinner or if possible just skip the evening meal. 

Go by the old adage of heavy breakfast, substantial quantity of food in lunch to keep you going through out the day and finally just a bit of food in the evening and that too early in the evening. If possible have juices or soups.

Try for a few days, if possible, to fast and you will notice the change. It was an old method told by the medial practitioners for generations. The reason that fasting works in poor 'hazma' [bad-hazmi] is that your digestion is slow and food take hours to get digested.

This problem is unique to everyone and is personalised, so doctors' prescriptions can't check it on a regular basis. Once you understand and it improves your condition, you will be in a position to understand when to skip, how much food to eat in the dinner and how to keep 'systematic fast'. 

That can be a permanent solution for your problem. It will also keep you happy and make you active because once your daily issue of bloating and belching goes, you can have a better quality of life. Just try it and hopefully it will work for you, as it does for most.

Besides, we have other posts on ways to keep acidity under control. You must be aware of foods, vegetables and particular things that cause excess gas and you can avoid them. But the basic issue is resolved  once you follow the advice given above.