Sunday, March 19, 2006

Male Impotence (Impotency): Treatment and cure of Sexual Weakness*

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Impotence can be caused due to several reasons. It has psychological, physical and mental causes. General debility, excessive liquor consumption, drugs, constipation, diabetes, smoking, addiction to alcohol are some of the reasons for impotence in men.

The herbal, ayurveda, unani and traditional ways to restore sexual vigour and vitality are as follows:
(Stop smoking altogether if suffering from impotence)

1. Juice of white onion, honey, ginger juice, desi ghi--each 6 gm--should be mixed and taken daily for a month.

2. Pine (Chilghoza) should be eaten regularly. Take 10-15 daily. It will work wonders. Else, carrot juice (Urdu: Gajar) should be taken daily. Carrot is an excellent remedy.

3. Dry dates (chhuara) keeps a check on premature ejaculation. It cures impotence. Should be taken along with milk. Besides, coconut is excellent cure for weaknessac. Also, pistachio (Pista) is good and should be taken regularly.

4. Another remedy is Garlic. Fry 50 grammes garlic (Urdu/Hindi: Lahsun) in desi ghee (ghi) and eat daily. It will cure impotence and sexual weakness. For one month it should be regularly taken.

Some other tips and treatments for impotence

1. Take ripe anjeer fruit (fig) daily before breakfast.

2. The seeds of Kala Dhatoora should be dried indoors. Then grind them and mix with honey. Make small globules of the size of Urad daal (pulse). Take a small tablet both in morning and evening with milk.

3. Take Camphor (Kapoor/Kafur) and mix it with Gulaab Itr (attar). One hour before intercourse apply it on the penis. This will prolong intercourse. (Aromatherpay-Ayurveda)


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*Napunsakta in Hindi
Zauf-e-baah in Urdu/Arabic
Gupt Rog [Yaun Rog] is a word used in India for ailments that affect sexual health.