Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to stop excessive bleeding during menstruation?

A large number of women suffer from this predicament. Especially, when the menstrual cycle continues for a long period, the bleeding results in extreme weakness. In medical parlance, prolonged mesntrual cycle is termed menorrhagia.

A few home made tips to cure it and stop blood loss include:

*Make a powder of dry skin of pomegranate and take one teaspoon full of this powder with normal cold water. This is a traditional remedy for ladies facing this problem and it stops bleeding.

*Boil 20 grammes of coriander in 200 gramme water until just 50 grammes of water remains. Then strain the water, add misri [candy sugar] and drink it. This also helps in stopping the heavy loss of blood.

*Two teaspoons of coriander powder, sugar and ghee. Mix them in equal quantity and take it thrice a day.

In India and Pakistan, where women avoid going to gynaecologists and where doctors aren't as common as other countries, mahwari-related [or masik dharma] problems are a big issue.