Monday, August 27, 2012

Natural treatment for headache: How to get rid of migraine?

Migraine causes terrible pain. It is a genetic disorder. The pain is in a part of the head.

You can see bright colours and also feel like vomiting. Often the pain is unbearable.

We have compiled certain tips. But first a clarification. These are home remedies to lessen the pain but no substitute for drugs. These are a few tips to tackle migraine.

One must consult a doctor and also ensure proper discipline in lifestyle.

*Mix vinegar and water in equal parts and boil them. Inhale the fumes for at least five minutes. Then repeat the process if needed. In several patients, it reduces severity of attack.

*Lemon coffee helps lot of patients. Make strong cup of coffee. Then add one tablespoon lemon juice in it. This may reduce the pain.

*What works for a person may not be as effective for the other. However, using hair dryer is also one of the ways. On medium setting, it can be turned on and used on portion of head where one is feeling the pain, for relief.

*Massage also helps reduce the pain. Some find relief with use of ice. Sleeping in dark room brings succour. But consulting the medical practitioner is a must. Pain killers should be taken along with the above mentioned methods.

*Take lemon peel. Crush it well and  then use it to rub on the head.

What precautions are needed to stop migraine

Avoid packaged eatables and junk food, because they contain certain elements that increase the pain. Also, avoid taking cheese, chocolate, noodles, banana, paneer and certain nuts.

Lack of adequate sleep exacerbates the situation. One must drink water at regular intervals and not skip food, if he suffers from this particular form of strong pain. Slow breathing is also a technique used by some patients.

You can keep the medicines in your pocket or bag to control sudden and shooting pain. Homoeopathy also has certain medicines for migraine, that can be quite effective.


In the past, we have informed you about the effectiveness of grape juice in checking the excruciating pain of migraine. Read the post here.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Knee Pain: Natural remedies, Herbal supplements to get rid of pain in knees

Pain in the knee joints was considered more an issue with elders but not anymore. These days the trouble begins quite early.

Knees support our entire body and hence it becomes extremely difficult to go about your daily activity in case you are suffering from the pain.

1. Herbal method is to eat as much 'kheera' (cucumber) as possible.

2. Increase the intake of garlic in yor food.

3. Take raw potato, crush it and apply it on knee joints. This is more beneficial in synovitis and swelling in the joints.

4. In Indian sub-continent, an effective method is taking 'moth'. Even pain that has been in the knees for years can be managed and cured. 'Moth' laddus that are made up of moth, sugar and 'ghee', should be taken, twice every day in the morning before taking any food. Avoid spices during the entire period.

Take moth, sugar and ghee in equal proportion. Then roast them in hot soil. Make a powder and then filter it. Put ghee in this flour and add sugar syrup to make 'laddoos'.

[Always keep in mind that these tips are for your well-being but one must not consider them as substitute to medication and exercise under the guidance of a qualified physician.]

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sure shot way to cure excessive flatulence and get rid of gases in the stomach

Get rid of gastric trouble by systematic fasts
If you have suffered enough due to gases that lead to continuous belching and headache apart from pain in other parts of the body due to acidity and the movement of gas, there is a solution.

Doctors won't tell you. In fact, if no amount of medication helps and when you are fed up of taking all sorts of 'churans' [herbal powders] or syrups, and still the digestive mechanism keeps you irritated and frustrated, there is a way out of it.

It's a big problem and only those who are suffering from continuous emission of gases know it. FAST. Yes, fasting can be miraculous. Just try it. The best way is have a light dinner or if possible just skip the evening meal. 

Go by the old adage of heavy breakfast, substantial quantity of food in lunch to keep you going through out the day and finally just a bit of food in the evening and that too early in the evening. If possible have juices or soups.

Try for a few days, if possible, to fast and you will notice the change. It was an old method told by the medial practitioners for generations. The reason that fasting works in poor 'hazma' [bad-hazmi] is that your digestion is slow and food take hours to get digested.

This problem is unique to everyone and is personalised, so doctors' prescriptions can't check it on a regular basis. Once you understand and it improves your condition, you will be in a position to understand when to skip, how much food to eat in the dinner and how to keep 'systematic fast'. 

That can be a permanent solution for your problem. It will also keep you happy and make you active because once your daily issue of bloating and belching goes, you can have a better quality of life. Just try it and hopefully it will work for you, as it does for most.

Besides, we have other posts on ways to keep acidity under control. You must be aware of foods, vegetables and particular things that cause excess gas and you can avoid them. But the basic issue is resolved  once you follow the advice given above.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

How to enhance stamina, cure weakness among males through herbal, natural supplements?

Pomegranate for strength
To get rid of weakness and improve your sexual strength, there are a few herbal methods which you can try at home easily.

Though we have already posted several tips about ways to tackle impotence, in this post we deal specifically with the problem of debility or weakness.

Here are SIX STEPS towards enhancing your strength. Read now:

1. In a mixture of dried Amla powder, mix 'misri' (type of crystalline sugar lumps) and take a teaspoon every night before going to sleep, followed by some water.

Amla 'murabba'
2. Dried pomegranate peel should be grounded. Now take this powder--one teaspoon in morning, one in evening, consistently.

3. Take Amla 'morabbaa' (a sweet preparation in India-Pakitan, available online as well) daily if you suffer from Jiryan or Swapna Dosh (Night Fall or Involuntary ejaculations) at night in sleep.

4. Separate the cloves (kali) of a garlic. Now before going to sleep, eat two cloves and drink water.

5 . Banana gives energy. Take bananas regularly and also if possible you should drink milk after it.

6. Take dried amla powder a bit and put it in water at night. When you get up in morning, mix slight turmeric in it, now filter it and then drink it. All these are homemade remedies.

There are dozens of tips to help you improve male physical health and cure the sexual ailments also. Ensure daily bath, stay away from obscene movies and thoughts, also don't eat much spicy food and do regular exercise. For other tips, search this blog and go to earlier posts.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Impotence and premature ejaculation: Ten tips for saving marriage, 'Satisfying' your wife in the bed and misconceptions about sexual performance

Lack of qualified sexologists in India and Pakistan is one of the biggest health issues in the sub-continent. Owing to less contact between opposite sexes prior to marriage and the taboos surrounding sex, the issues get even more complicated.

As a result, even minor ailments are considered as 'Gupt Rog' or 'Khufia Jinsi Marz' that seem to have no solution. In earlier posts we posted herbal and natural ways to improve your sexual performance in the posts under 'Impotence', 'Sexual weakness' and 'Premature ejaculation'. Click here

Today we take you further. 

1. Don't ever think that premature ejaculation is too serious an issue. It affects most males. What makes it worse is when you feel that you are ill. The psychological 'defeat' turns a person into a 'loser', and he completely gets into depression. This further affects sexual performance.

2. Don't consider sex as a battle where you have to 'satisfy' the (apparently insatiable) woman. Seeing pornographic movies or blue films, youth often get impression that one has to continue intercourse for long, which is absurd.

3. Marriage is about love, and of course,sex. But it is not that she is a sex-kitten and you are supposed to be a stud, who has to do all sorts of bizarre acrobatics which you heard about from friends or read in magazines or (kama sutra positions).

4. A person may not come soon while masturbating, but it is possible that he discharges as soon as he comes in contact with the woman. (Isn't a skin just a skin?) Reason! It is sexual tension, the psychological pressure to perform and getting over excited. 

5. Try to understand each others' bodies. There is no need to rush into things. Once you are comfortable with nudity and see each other quite naked, be in the partner's arms for long, you will steadily gain control and won't feel so excited. 

6. 'Squeeze' technique to press penis glans (for delaying ejaculation) could be used though all people aren't able to master it. If it helps you, go ahead, else don't put in extra effort. [Stop and Squeeze technique is well-known and could be found on internet easily]

7. If getting you wife orgasm is the ultimate criterion for you to 'win' this battle, this can be accomplished without using your organ. You can do it with your hand or even better with your mouth. She would probably love it, more. 

8. Clitoral stimulation generally gets women aroused more and brings them to orgasm than penetration. This doesn't need any penile contact, as clitoris is located outside the vagina.

9. There are other ways also if you insist on vaginal intercourse longer. You can use creams that desensitize penis, and thus increase the 'time period' (as commonly referred to in India, Pakistan). You may be able to hold ejaculation for more time. 

10. Training your mind to think about something that shocks you, makes you sad, or something holy, may do the trick when you are about to discharge. Else you can pinch yourself really hard anywhere in the body, and this will decrease your excitation level.

There are many other tricks and tips to keep your wife happy in the bed. In India, the 'Suhag Raat' or 'Shab-e-Uroosi' has been glamorised in such a manner through cheap Bollywood Hindi movies that it puts undue pressure on young couples.

Neither your wife is a ringmaster, nor you a 'circus tiger' who has to perform his best in the ring. Just be your natural self. Think yourself as adequately endowed. Have a feeling that its lovemaking, not about scoring, winning or losing. 

Things will definitely improve. But one last advice. If there is a real issue, go and consult a proper 'sexologist'. If you don't have one in your city, go to a qualified doctor--your family doctor or a good medical practitioner. But never go to the self-styled 'Gupt Rog Chikitsak' who offer 'Jinsi Amraz ka Ilaaj' or 'Mardana Kamzori' treatments using the 'Powerful capsules' advertised in newspapers.

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