Sunday, March 30, 2008

Anaemia: Treatment through fruits and vegetables

Bananas best for Anaemics
Anaemia: Treatment through fruits and vegetables

*Bananas are best for anaemics. They stimulte the production of haemoglobin and the person suffering from anemia should regularly eat bananas. Every day 3-4 bananas should be taken.

*Freshly prepared apple juice is beneficial for anaemia. Apple has iron, arsenic and phosphors and the result is wonderful for patients. The juice should be taken before meals and just before going to bed.

*The juice of Beet Root is an excellent remedy. It reactivates the Red Blood Corpuscles (RBC). The red beet juice is considered most effective in treatment of anaemia.

*Fenugreek is a good source of iron. Cooked fenugreek leaves are useful to prevent anaemia. The fenugreek seeds are also equally valuable in curing anaemia.

*Apricot (Khubani) and raisins (munaqqa) are also good source of iron.