Wednesday, July 04, 2012

How to enhance stamina, cure weakness among males through herbal, natural supplements?

Pomegranate for strength
To get rid of weakness and improve your sexual strength, there are a few herbal methods which you can try at home easily.

Though we have already posted several tips about ways to tackle impotence, in this post we deal specifically with the problem of debility or weakness.

Here are SIX STEPS towards enhancing your strength. Read now:

1. In a mixture of dried Amla powder, mix 'misri' (type of crystalline sugar lumps) and take a teaspoon every night before going to sleep, followed by some water.

Amla 'murabba'
2. Dried pomegranate peel should be grounded. Now take this powder--one teaspoon in morning, one in evening, consistently.

3. Take Amla 'morabbaa' (a sweet preparation in India-Pakitan, available online as well) daily if you suffer from Jiryan or Swapna Dosh (Night Fall or Involuntary ejaculations) at night in sleep.

4. Separate the cloves (kali) of a garlic. Now before going to sleep, eat two cloves and drink water.

5 . Banana gives energy. Take bananas regularly and also if possible you should drink milk after it.

6. Take dried amla powder a bit and put it in water at night. When you get up in morning, mix slight turmeric in it, now filter it and then drink it. All these are homemade remedies.

There are dozens of tips to help you improve male physical health and cure the sexual ailments also. Ensure daily bath, stay away from obscene movies and thoughts, also don't eat much spicy food and do regular exercise. For other tips, search this blog and go to earlier posts.