Saturday, September 29, 2007

Curing Fistula: Herbal, natural way for treating the ailment

Boil a handful of fresh pomegranate leaves in two glass water. When half the water remains, filter it.

Now use this warm water to foment the anal region both in the morning and the evening. This is a well-known treatment for fistulae (fistulas), also known as Bhagandar.

Pomegrenate is known as Anar or Anaar in Urdu. Besides, there is another cure involving wheat plants. The juice of small wheat plants should be taken regularly. It helps the patient. Wheat is known as Genhu or Gehun.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Treatment of Insanity (Madness): Natural and herbal treatment

Treatment of Insanity (Madness)

Ajwain, which is also known as carom seeds or Biship's weed, is abundantly available in Asia and is used for treating insanity.

Half teaspoon crushed ajvain, along with four crushed munakkas (munaqqa) should be dissolved in half cup of water.

When taken twice regularly for a long period of time, it helps a lot in curing the condition. The munaqqa or raisins are dried kishmish. Insanity is also called pagalpan (paagalpan) in Urdu and Hindustani languages in India, Pakistan and other Asian countries.

Herbal ways, home remedies to stop greying of hair?

Grey Hair: How to keep hair black?

For preventing hair from turning grey, Indian gooseberry or Amla is considered the best natural remedy.

Cut the fruit in pieces, dry it, then boil the pieces in coconut oil till solid matter becomes like burnt dust.

This dark oil is used to prevent greying. The water in which dried amla is soaked overnight is used to nourish hair.

This water should be used for the last rinse while washing the hair. Amla is an excellent remedy for graying of hair. The use of Amla is a tried and tested method in parts of Asia for centuries. It is a home remedy. However, if the hair are turning grey very fast, one is advised to consult a doctor as there is no substitute for proper medication.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Home Remedies for treating High blood pressure (Hypertension)

Home Remedies for treating High blood pressure 

*Consumption of raw garlic after meals cures Hyper-tension (HTN). This can be reduced and finally stopped when the condition improves significantly.

Apart from this, the patients of high bp can be administered six drops of garlic juice mixed in three spoons of water, taken four times a day. Garlic is known as Lahsun (Lassun) in Indian sub-continent.

*It's a panacea for those suffering from hyper tension. Every morning eat one Papaya regularly. It has medicinal properties and the effect will be noticed. Papaya is known as Papita (Papeeta) also.

Poor eyesight: Natural remedies, herbal cure for weak eyes

Anwla or Amla has miraculous properties
Eyes are precious and one must not take any eye-related problem unattended. In the past, on this blog, we have posted 'nuskhe' or ways to improve the eyesight. 

Now a few more tips:

*In order to improve eye sight, the mixture of carrot and spinach juice should be taken.

The mixture should have 125 gms of carrot juice and as much spinach juice. Taken regularly, it will increase and strengthen eyesight.

*If there is sudden darkness in front of your eyes or a blackout, the juice of Amla mixed in water and taken for a week, will improve the condition. Amla is Indian gooseberry. (Alternative spellings are Aanwla, Aaonla)

*Take a glass of carrot juice in the evening for at least a month and this will surely strengthen your eyes. For ailments of eyes, see other posts on this blog as well. 

Monday, September 17, 2007

Figs for Treatment for Piles

Fig is a great remedy for piles. In ancient Indian, Unani and Ayurvedic systems of medicines, it is used extenstively for treatment of piles.

Soak three dried figs in cold water in a glass of enamelware in the night after cleaning hot water. Take the figs in the morning and evening. As this will remove the strain exerted during the passing of stool, the protrusion of anus will be prevented.

This treatment should be taken regularly for at least 4-5 weeks. It will definitely bring relief to the patient. Figs are also known as Anjir and Anjeer in Urdu and Hindustani. The figs have laxative properties. Piles is also known as Bawasir (Bawaseer).

Treating Leucoderma: Curing Vitiligo through herbal, natural way

Treatment of Leucoderma (Vitiligo): Herbal ways, age-old treatments and natural supplements

The paste of radish seeds works well in the skin condition. About 35-40 gms of these seeds should be powdered in vinegar and applied on white patches.

For better results the seeds should be finely pounded along with a pinch of arsenic poison and soaked in vinegar at night. After two hours leaves will appear. They should be rubbed on white patches. This is meant for external use only.

This skin ailment takes long time to cure. Though Homoeopathy is more effective in its treatment. Give up the use of salt for a few months and it will help. Though it is difficult but effective in treatment.

Take gram (chana daal) and roti made of chana (without salt). It can cure the disease.

Another treatment is to soak Urad dal in water, grind it and apply the paste for four months. It will definitely work. The daagh would change colours hopefully.

Don't take spices, mutton, fish, rice and chilly. Also, one can take 'chhachh' (butter milk) twice a day, it also helps. Walnut (Akhrot) is also helpful in the condition. The White patches (spots) also known as Safed Dagh is not a life threatening disease but the patient faces lot of social stigma.

It has nothing to do with leprosy (kodh, korh). In initial stages, treatment along with avoiding spices, salt etc can help check and remove the spread of disease.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Curing Cataract through herbal, natural ways: Home remedies for improving eyesight

Carrots improve eyesight
Cataract (Ailment of Eye): Carrots, Spinach and Coriander...

A few home remedies and natural ways:

*Drink a mixture of carrot juice and spinach juice regularly. This will effectively cure cataract. The composition should be 310 grams carrot juice and 125 grams spinach juice.

*Carrots are extremely beneficial for eyes. Regular consumption and its juice can have a miraculous affect on your sight.

*Boil ground coriander seeds in a cup of water. Then filter it and put the drops in your eyes. It will surely be beneficial for your eye sight.

(Carrot is known as gajar/gaajar and spinach is palak/paalak in Indian sub-continent, coriander is dhania in Urdu, Hindi)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bottle Gourd & Lettuce for Insomnia

*A mixture of bottle gourd juice and sesame oil works well for those suffering from insomnia. It should be massaged over scalp every night. Bottle Gourd is also known as White Gourd, Trumped Gourd and Ghia/Kaddu/Lauki in India.

*Lettuce can also be used as a remedy for insomnia. It's use in food is highly recommended for patients who suffer from insomnia and sleeplessness related disorders. It has a sleep inducing substance that brings sleep. Lettuce juice has almost a sedative effect. Its juice mixed with oil of roses, applied to forehead and temples induces sleep. It is very beneficial in headache.

Friday, September 14, 2007

How to improve quality of semen: Use natural supplements like dates and pine fruit

Chilghoza or Pine Fruit is a nut that thickens semen
Impotence, Thin (watery) semen: How to thicken the fluid by natural ways?

It's an age-old issue but lack of information among youths make it seem like an incurable disease.

The reality is that herbal and natural supplements can be eaten to thicken your seminal discharge.

Rather than running after street quacks or non-qualified doctors, this issue can be solved through visit to a proper physician.

Else, there are natural ways, which we are telling you. A few tips:

*Those suffering from impotence or having thin semen should eat dry dates regularly. The dry dates (or chhuara) should be soaked in milk and then eaten regularly. It will bring an immense change.

* Chilgoza Pine has wonderful properties for male sexual system. Eat 10-15 Chilghoza pines each day.

*Black gram dal (Urad dal) soaked in water for about six hours and then fried in pure cow's 'ghee' after draining the water is a wonderful sex tonic. This should be used with wheat bread and honey for highly beneficial results in functional impotency, thinness of semen and also premature ejaculation.

In the past also Nature's Cures has written about home remedies and natural cures for Impotence at the post


Bitter Gourd for treatment of Piles: Herbal and Natural Cure for Bleeding

Bitter Gourd or Karela for curing piles
The juice of fresh leaves of bitter gourd is considered valuable in piles. Three teaspoonfuls of leaf juice mixed with a glass of butter milk should be taken every morning for at least a month.

Hopefully, you will notice improvement in the condition. Also, a paste of roots of bitter gourd plant can be applied over piles for better results. 

Bitter Gourd is known as Karela, bitter cucumber, bitter melon and balsam pear. Piles is also known as Bavasir or Bavaseer in Urdu and Hindustani.

Though bitter gourd is helpful, the scope of improvement depends of patient's condition also. It is always advisable to consult a doctor as home remedies can be a good supplement but in case of serious bleeding, there is no substitute for proper medication.

Herbal ways to treat urinary disorders: Drumstick, Carrot, Cucumber...

For Urinary disorders

Drumstick tree has unique properties and this 'fruit' is extremely valuable in urinary disorders.

A tablespoonful of coagulated fresh leaf juice, when mixed with a glass of fresh juice of cucumber or carrot, is an effective cure for scanty urination and constant burning in urethra due to high acidity of urine.

A teaspoonful of juice with 10 m rocksalt taken once daily is used to treat excessive urination of non-diabetics.

The juice of banana stem is a well-known remedy for urinary disorders. It improves the functions of kidney and liver and thus brings relief in ailments and discomfort. It is also helpful in treating removal of stones in kidney, gall bladder and prostate. It can be mixed with juice of ash pumpkin also.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tackling migraine: Treatment and Cure through Herbal and Natural system

Grape juice for Migraine

The juice of ripe grapes is one of the most effective home remedies for migraine. For ages, it has been used across the world.

It is said that King Jamshed, who was very fond of grapes, once stored the juice of grapes well packed in bottles and made it public that the bottles contained strong poison so as to prevent others from taking it.

But his wife also got struck with migraine and having obtained no relief from any treatment, decided to end her life with the poison. She took it several times in small doses and rather than dying, it gave her great relief.

Obesity: Eat cabbage and get slim

Cabbage has a unique property which helps in reduction of weight. It has tartonic acid which checks the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat. 

This helps in reducing weight. Taking cabbage salad regularly is an easy way to get slim. It is much better option that the hard way of dieting. 

Cabbage is easily digestible compared to other vegetables. This is the best part about it, specially for those suffering from digestive problems.

In fact, cabbage is known to possess maximum biological value with minimum calorific value. Nearly 100 grammes of cabbage yields only 27kcal of energy while the same quantity of wheat bread yields 240 calories.

Cabbage is also known as Patta Gobhi, Karam Kalla and Band Gobhi in Indian sub-continent. For more ways to check your waist size, read other tips on this blog. Like this link.