Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kidney Stone Treatment: Herbal and Natural ways to get rid of stone

The stone in kidney [termed pathri in Urdu] is formed due to excessive consumption of oxalate, calcium, phosphate et al. 

The patient should avoid milk. Person suffering from this ailment feels terrible pain in kidney and stomach. Also, urine comes out painfully. 

The pain is called Renal Colic. Coconut: Consumption of Coconut Water [Nariyal Pani] can help you rid of the stone.

Bitter Gourd: Drinking the juice of two bitter gourds every day breaks the stone and it finally dissolves. Try to eat bitter gourd in the form of vegetable also in the meals.

Zeera (Cumin): Mix 'zeera' and sugar in same quantity and then crush them together. Take thrice daily with a spoonful of water.

Jamun {Indian berries), Chhuwara (Chhuara) ie dried date fruit, Kharbuza [water melon] are all quite beneficial for people suffering from the problem of stone. Eat Kharbooza fruit regularly and the stone is likely to get out easily.